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Here's a list of my recent experiences. I have listed those that are more important. I tried to keep it brief and simple.


CGart.ir Presentation at SIGGRAPH 2014 Vancouver

It is an absolute honor for me as the founder of CGart.ir CG Community to be given this amazing opportunity to present our awesome art community at SIGGRAPH 2014 Vancouver!! What I did was to create a basic and short video that covers our main activities and vision, thanks to Motive Studio for making it! Click on the image to view the video and enjoy! :-)



Tehran ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter

I am really glad and honored that I managed to found the official Tehran ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter, a big step in Computer Graphics and Digital Arts in Iran! The chapter started its official plans since April 2014 and we have elite individuals as our chapter officers to make all our great plans happen. You can check tehran.siggraph.org for more info and upcoming news.



Community Development : CGart.ir CG Community

CGart.ir (www.cgart.ir) is a world class [independent] CG community dedicated to Persian Digital Artists with several sets of activities such as galleries, challenges, interviews, seminars, workshops, job finding system, education and international exposures. I've founded this community and I'm managing it since October 2007. CGjobs.ir job finding website, CGacademy.ir online training website and CGhouse.ir are working under CGart.ir as well.


Workshops : Chaos Group V-ray Day at SIGGRAPH Asia 2013

I was honored to be one of the speakers of Chaos Group V-ray Day at SIGGRAPH Asia 2013. My presentation was about Automotive Rendering and my own art workflow. This was a great exerience! I hope everyone enjoyed the show. Event info here.



Tehran ACM SIGGRAPH : Post SIGGRAPH 2014 Vancouver

And it begins! We had our first serious event of Tehran ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter, the Post SIGGRAPH 2014 Vancouver. It began with a video message from Paul Debevec, recent Vice President of SIGGRAPH and a notable genius in Computer Graphics. You can check the video here. The event was so awesome that SIGGRAPH itself posted a headline about it, which I'd love to share here with much honor.



3D World Magazine Cover Art and Making of Tutorial

I've been honored to do the cover image for 3D World Magazine #189, with the making of tutorial included inside the mag. I used Max and V-Ray. Click here to check it out.


Projects : CDE Collisions Billboards | Chicago

CDE Collision Damage Experts, a Chicago based collision repair company, was putting up a few billboard advertisements in the Chicagoland area and I was asked to do the art for the billboards. In this project I was in charge of modeling, texturing, rendering and post process of the image in a super high resolution quality. The billboards are located in Chicago, and I've explained a little more about this project on Heavy Crash projects page.



Projects : Desert Warrior | Dakar Rally 2013

Desert Warrior is a special edition of Range Rover Evoque for Dakar Rally. This project was defined by RaBe race cars and sponsored by Excite Rally Team. In this project I was in charge of redesigning, modeling and texturing the car as well as rendering and post process of 15 shots before the actual car is out. I worked with Mike -Beady- Jones from Rally Raid UK and I've explained a little more about this project on Heavy Crash projects page.

Image : Desert Warrior 3D rendering


Projects : Hot Wheels movie 3D illustrated concept art

There are a few 3d illustrations I've worked for a movie called Hot Wheels (Pre production) directed by Stewart Hendler, which is still in progress. I have shared a few of them in the Artworks page.

Image : Bliz Race Concept


Project "Heavy Crash"

My passion and experience in Vehicle Arts led me to found a group for freelance jobs from all around the world. Heavy Crash includes Concept Designers, 3D Artists and a Tuner from Rally Raid with dedicated services from design and presentation from video games and movies to actual rally tracks. I'm a 3D artist in this group myself.


International events : SIGGRAPH 2013 Asia

This year as well, we managed to have a booth at SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 as CGart.ir, representing the art of Persian Digital Artists and our one and awesome community. My key plan for this year was to invite some people to the land of Persia and make this more like a 2-way road. I got a lot of thumbs ups! You can read a brief reportage about it here (in English) and here in Persian.



International events : SIGGRAPH 2012 Asia

I managed to get a booth at SIGGRAPH 2012 Asia for our CG community CGart.ir, promoting the art of Persian Digital Artists. This was our second participation at SIGGRAPH events, having a booth showcasing the Art of individual artists as well as Demo Reels and Trailers of Game and Animation industries. You can check a brief reportage about our attendance, or you might want to read the full reportage Paul Hellard wrote on CGsociety.

Image : CGart.ir Booth at SIGGRAPH Asia 2012


International events : SIGGRAPH 2011 Asia

This was our very first participation at SIGGRAPH events, having a booth for CGart.ir CG Community. The mission was showcasing the talent and passion of Persian Digital Artists and making links with the great names and companies in the industry. Here in this link you can check a brief reportage about our attendance at this event.

Image : SIGGRAPH 2011 Asia Entry


Festivals : Tehran Indie Game Festival

It's an honor for me to work with a talented team of Game Designers to plan and organize Tehran's first Indie Game Festival, an event full of workshops, challenges, movie watching sessions, game jams and lots of fun!! I have a speech in this festival concerning Digital Arts and stuff. Don't hesitate to check festival's website and enjoy!


Events : A Tribute To Miyazaki

Our latest event on CGart.ir that I'm most proud of! It's simply a tribute to the grand master Hayao Miyazaki from the artists of Iran. I organized the event and I'll be more than proud to share the results soon enough here at the event page.


Events : The Mythic Warlord Massive Art Challenge

The Mythic Warlod is our latest challenge on CGart.ir, started on April 2014. This time, the might artist Adrian Smith is in this journey with us, helping me form another big art challenge in our community. The challenge is on-going and ends late July. Don't forget to check the challenge page to see what's it all about!


Events : Dragon's Lair Massive Art Challenge

Dragon's Lair Art Challenge was our latest CG challenge on CGart.ir, judged by the legendary artist John Howe. I organized the challenge itself, as well as 15 drawing, digital painting and sculpting workshops in 3 different cities at the same time. Also we printed and had a one week showcasing event of some of the best entries of this challenge in "Arte Gallery". You can check the full reportage of this event here.

Image : Eye of Blue Dragon by John Howe (Event Poster)


Events : Bio-Machines Design & Illustration Challenge

Bio-Machine Challenge was a Robot, Vehicle, Mech design event we ran on CGart.ir. The great artist and mentor, Scott Robertson was in this journey with us, judging and supporting the event as well as his very awesome Design Studio Press. I organized the event and its workshops as well.

Image : Concept Art by Scott Robertson (Event Poster)


Events : The Batmobile Challenge

Being a serious fan of Batmobile, it's a fan-art challenge we run at CGart.ir judged by super talented artists like James Paick and John J. Park. Don't hesitate to check the challenge page to see all the exciting stuff!

Image : Batmobile poster by Kamyar Nassirifar


Events : Music Band Challenges

Music Band challenges are two Character Design challenges we ran on CGart.ir, first one (Music Band 1) was judged by my dear friend Jose Alves da Silva and the second one (Music Band 2) is judged by the great artist Andy Park.

Image : Music Band 2 poster by Kamyar Nassirifar


Events : Dominance War V Massive Art Challenge

CGart.ir managed to attend the Dominance War Universe as an independent CG Community and succeeded to represent 5 world finalists to the challenge, from the talented members of its community. I managed and organized the event in Iran, while we had 5 workshops and meetings as well as an ending ceremony and artwork showcase at the end of the event. Check the full reportage of this event here. (Artwork courtesy : Aria Saffarzadegan)


Events : 3D Modeling for Game

This was a great online challenge I organized with help of a great friend and mentor from Naughty Dog Inc. , Behrooz Roozbeh. The participants had 4 months to model and texture game environments based on 'Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves" Concept Art by Robh Ruppel. You can read the full reportage of the challenge here. My special thanks goes to dear Behrooz for making this possible.

Image : Uncharted 2 Concept Art by Robh Ruppel


Events : Misc.

There have been a few more challenges and events that I organized for CGart.ir such as seminars, workshops and online programs. You can find more about the workshops and seminars in Events page, and challenges and online programs on Challenges page of CGart.ir website.

Image : Unearthly Challenge 2013 Cover Art by Mojtaba Naderloo


Teaching Experiences and Workshops

I've had a few workshops mostly about Hard Surface Modeling, Rendering and Post Process at "Tehran Art and Architecture University" , "Tehran International Game Expo" as well as teaching sessions and classes at "Iran Game Development Institute" , "Tehran University of Art" and "Amirkabir University of Technology" since 2005. I've also written a few tutorials for 3Dtotal.com and CGchannel websites.

Image : Hot Wheels, just for fun

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